Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

About the Project

"Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów" is a partner project carried out by Tomaszów Mazowiecki Municipal Commune — a Leader — and the Poviat of Tomaszów — a Partner.

The Project is partly financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund as part of Priority Axis 2: Innovative and Competitive Economy of the Regional Operational Program of the Voivodeship of Łódź for 2014–2020. The funds amount to PLN 723 817,54. The main objective of the project is the development of the innovative and competitive economy in Tomaszów region by creating a comprehensive economic promotion and information system.

The following activities will contribute to increasing the number of foreign investments, export development and exploring new markets, promoting solutions aimed at building international competitive advantage of the region:

  • development of a coherent investment policy, comprehensive economic promotion based on a Diagnosis of the Investment Appeal and Export Potential of the Poviat of Tomaszów, including the recommendations;
  • creation of an economic information system (local Economic Information Centers), development of a website containing e.g. a handbook for investors and exporters, a description of investment land and export forms, preparation of promotional materials offering consistent image (investment and export catalogs and leaflets);
  • competence improvement of the small and medium-sized company personnel, representing regional specializations, to participate in national and international economic events (training sessions), establishing contacts during international trade fairs, e.g. Polagra Food and Budma in Poznań, as well as other trade fairs pointed out in the course of the diagnosis carried out (including foreign ones);
  • carrying out a comprehensive promotional and informative campaign as part of the Project.

The Project will also contribute to establishing economic ties by creating a network of international economic cooperation (international trade fairs) and developing international cooperation on the level of local self-governments with similar economic characteristics (study visits).

There will also be a meeting space created for entrepreneurs' representatives with special focus on regional specializations (Economic Forum devoted to export-oriented activities and the Economic Council).

The target group of the activities included in the Project includes economic entities in the SME sector operating within regional specializations in the territory of the Poviat of Tomaszów. The Project stakeholders include representatives of local self-governments situated in the territory of the Poviat of Tomaszów.

The project termination is planned for September 2018.

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