Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

Inowłódz - herb


Area: 98 km²

Population: 3 852

Inowłódz - 1


The Commune of Inowłódz is situated in the Voivodeship of Łódź, in the south-eastern part of the Poviat of Tomaszów. It is one of the oldest communes in this region. The commune covers the area of 98 sq. km and has 10 individual village units (though 11 villages).


The central location in Poland and closeness to such municipalities as Opoczno (18 km), Tomaszów Mazowiecki (20 km), Rawa Mazowiecka (30 km), Łódź (67 km) and Warsaw (107 km) ensure excellent accessibility of this commune.

Total population of the commune of Inowłódz:

  • 3,852 people
  • Total area — 98 sq. km, including:
    • forests — 58.8 sq. km
    • arable land — 33.3 sq. km
    • other — 5.9 sq. km

Natural environment assets

The Commune of Inowłódz is situated on both banks of the Pilica river, in former Pilica Forest. It is characterized by particularly picturesque landscape thanks to the multitude of landforms rare in this part of Poland. Interesting topography combined with vast forest resources ensures significant tourist appeal of the commune. The forests occupy more than half of the commune area, being a predominant landscape feature. Spalski Forest, together with the relics of Pilica Forest, is one of the largest forest complexes in central Poland. Highly valuable natural assets and the need to conserve them were incentives for creating Spalski Landscape Park here, with the protected area covering more than half of the commune area. The most precious land in terms of wildlife, being a habitat of many plant and animal species, is conserved in reserves.

Region history

The rich history of the region, dating back to the Middle Ages, brought valuable material culture artefacts. When visiting the commune, it is worth seeing:

  • St. Giles Church in Inowłódz
  • Reconstructed castle of Kazimierz the Great in Inowłódz
  • St. Michael the Archangel Church in Inowłódz
  • Our Lady Queen of the Polish Crown Church in Spała
  • Synagogue in Inowłódz
  • Bison monument
  • St. Hubertus Grotto in Spała
  • Adam Loret House of Memory of the Struggle and Martyrdom of Polish Foresters and Wood Workers
  • War cemetery in Inowłódz
  • Bunker Tourist Route in Konewka and many other.


The Commune of Inowłódz can boast rich tourist and recreation infrastructure. It comprises hotels, guest houses and other accommodation facilities of versatile standard. They offer extensive sports, recreation and catering opportunities. Most facilities have been adapted for training sessions, conferences, team-building and family meetings. Individual tourists looking for peace and quiet may relax in many agritourism farms and private houses in the commune.

For those preferring active recreation far from existing tourist routes, the hiking and cycling path from Tomaszów Mazowiecki to Spała was created. This year, also the "hiking and cycling path from Spała to Inowłódz STAGE I from Spała to Teofilów" was built. Canoeing industry is thriving. An undoubted attraction of the commune is OPO COS in Spała. The center is where the national and olympic teams train. It is here that prestigious sports events, including international ones take place. It possesses modern sports infrastructure, providing wellness and rehabilitation services.

Investments completed between 2015–2017

  • Construction of communal wastewater treatment plant in Zakościele, Commune of Inowłódz — 2015
  • Reconstruction of the access road to arable land Królowa Wola — Teofilów — 2015
  • Removal and neutralization of asbestos from the Commune of Inowłódz, two stages — 2015 and 2016
  • Adaptation of the Volunteer Firefighting Service building in Brzustów in line with fire protection requirements — 2015/2016
  • Installation of photovoltaic solar panels, including the required technical infrastructure, to be used for supplying communal wastewater treatment plant in Zakościele — 2016
  • Reconstruction of the road in Żądłowice — 2016
  • Reconstruction of the communal road in Konewka — 2016
  • Reconstruction of Hubala street in Spała — Stage I — 2016
  • Comprehensive thermal efficiency improvement, including installation of photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, with the required technical infrastructure in the building of PSP PG in Inowłódz — 2016
  • Modernization of the communal road, Tulipanowa street in Inowłódz — Stage I — 2017
  • Reconstruction of the access road to arable land in Brzustów — 2017
  • Reconstruction of a weir on the Gać river, including the required technical civil engineering infrastructure, and silt removal from the reservoir in Spała — 2017
  • Adaptation of the Voluntary Firefighting Service Building in Królowa Wola for the museum — 2017
  • Construction of a hiking and cycling path from Spała to Inowłódz — 2017/2018

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