Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

Lubochnia - herb


Area: 131,6 km²

Population: 7 600 (2006)

Lubochnia - 1

The Commune of Lubochnia is a rural commune situated in the center of the Poviat of Tomaszów, in the eastern part of the Voivodeship of Łódź. An important factor promoting the commune development is the vicinity of such municipalities as Tomaszów Mazowiecki — 11 km; Rawa Mazowiecka — 28 km; Piotrków Trybunalski — 36 km; Łódź — 54 km; Warsaw — 101 km. The commune area is cut by an S8 expressway route from Warsaw to Wrocław. Three transport interchanges are situated in the commune, including Lubochnia, Jakubów and Tomaszów-Północ.

The commune area is relatively vast, reaching 13,137 ha (131.37 sq. km) which is 12.82% of the total area of the Poviat of Tomaszów and 0.72% of the Voivodeship of Łódź. The Commune of Lubochnia is the second largest one in the Poviat of Tomaszów. The commune comprises agricultural land of 4,985 ha (38% of the total area); forests and forest land of 7,219 ha (54.8%) and other land 951 ha (7.2%). In the commune, there are 29 settlement units, including 20 individual village units and one auxiliary unit Nowy Glinnik Estate. In the commune, there is also a Military Unit in Nowy Glinnik. As of 28 February 2017, the commune of Lubochnia was inhabited by 7,314 people.

The commune of Lubochnia has scarce though beautiful historical monuments. In Dąbrowa, there is a picturesque level crossing attendant's building dating back to early 20th century. In Małcz, there is a 19th-century mansion and a park. A great showpiece of Lubochnia is a Neo-Baroque parish church erected by the inhabitants in 1914–1920.

In the Commune of Lubochnia, there is a Communal Community Center and Public Library, where the following can be found: "Lubochnianie" Youth Song and Dance Group and W. Bogusławski  Youth Theatre. The commune can boast thriving Farmers' Wives' Associations from Brenica, Emilianów, Glinnik, Kochanów, Lubochnia, Luboszewy, Marianka and Tarnowska Wola. The Farmers' Wives' Associations participate in numerous communal, poviat, voivodeship and national events.

The Commune of Lubochnia is famous for its handmade butter. Lubochnia Butter Festival is organized every year, with the butter churning competition organized with the participation of Farmers' Wives' Associations from the whole Poviat of Tomaszów. At present, the Commune of Lubochnia is carrying out a project called "The Commune of Lubochnia — Culinary Tradition Centre", co-financed from the Regional Operational Programme for the Voivodeship of Łódź for years 2014–2020 as part of the Priority Axis 6 Regional revitalisation and endogenous potential, Measure VI.2 Tourist economy development, Sub-measure VI.2.1 Tourist economy development. The project objective is to improve the tourist appeal of the Commune of Lubochnia through increased use of natural and cultural assets of the commune as well as through their adaptation to the tourist functions, including for the rural, cultural and active tourism. Project value: PLN 9,820,190.15. EU contribution to the project: PLN 5,732,058.07.

The Commune of Lubochnia has investment land situated at S8 expressway route in Lubochnia Dworska and Emilianów, as well as at poviat roads in Lubochnia and Glinnik. Location at such important national and regional roads is a unique asset of the Commune of Lubochnia, ensuring fast and direct transport to and from important national centers.

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