Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

Powiat tomaszowski - herb

Powiat tomaszowski

Area: 1 025 km2

Population: 118 234

Powiat tomaszowski - 1

Powiat Tomaszowski

The Poviat of Tomaszów is situated in the eastern part of the Voivodeship of Łódź. It has a convenient geographic location and excellent road access.  It is situated close to the region's capital, i.e. Łódź, and the Polish capital, Warsaw. 

Poviat capital: the City of Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Communes: Tomaszów Mazowiecki Municipal Commune, Będków, Budziszewice, Czerniewice, Inowłódz, Lubochnia, Rokiciny, Rzeczyca, Ujazd and Żelechlinek 
Income: in 2016, per capita income increased by 9.6% compared to the previous year


The economic specialization of the Poviat of Tomaszów rests on six basic pillars, namely ceramic and construction industry, industrial mineral mining, timber industry, furniture and paper industry, agricultural food processing, chemical industry and electric machine engineering. The strong economic image is primarily due to the dynamically developing ceramic and construction sector as well as the agricultural food processing offering consolidation and cluster creation potential. The main economic profile of the Poviat of Tomaszów is complemented bythe textile and clothing industry, metal industry and construction. Another important pillar is tourism.

The poviat carries out many investments to improve the inhabitants' quality of life, the road infrastructure and social infrastructure. The projects financed for the period 2014–2020

  1. Extension of Barlickiego Street in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (poviat road no. 4337E)
  2. Thermal efficiency improvement of the Nursing Home no. 1 at 27/29 Farbiarska Street in Tomaszów Mazowiecki 
  3. Modernization and adaptation of Practical Learning Center in the Secondary School Complex no. 3 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki 
  4. Development of social and economic potential of the revitalized area at Farbiarska Street in Tomaszów Mazowiecki by creating the Social Animation Center 
  5. Development of public e-services related to the spatial information infrastructure provided by the Poviat of Tomaszów

Assets of the Poviat of Tomaszów

• Location of the Poviat of Tomaszów at the roads of high national and regional importance
• Rich natural environment, providing grounds for the development of tourism and recreation
• Apart from the landscape assets (valleys, vast forests, water reservoirs, rivers) in the poviat there are natural deposits enabling industrial development (including but not limited to the ceramic and construction sector and glass production)
• At present, there are about 20 investment land areas in the Poviat of Tomaszów
• There is a comprehensive investor service system under creation, in close cooperation with the local self-government units, i.e. poviat, poviat communes and the City of Tomaszów Mazowiecki

• Well-developed secondary education facilities, vocational education well matched to the labor market needs, active secondary schools carrying out valuable EU and international projects

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