Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

Gmina Tomaszow Mazowiecki - herb

Gmina Tomaszow Mazowiecki

Area: 151,3 km²

Population: 10 372 (2009)

Gmina Tomaszow Mazowiecki - 1

Michał Szelesta

The Commune of Tomaszów Mazowiecki is situated in the eastern part of the Voivodeship of Łódź, in the Poviat of Tomaszów. Its northern and eastern boundaries adjoin the City of Tomaszów Mazowiecki. This is the second commune in the Poviat of Tomaszów in terms of population (10.8 thousand) and the first in terms of its area (150 sq. km).


The commune has a convenient location nearby larger municipalities, including Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Opoczno, Piotrków Trybunalski or the agglomeration of Łódź. The authorities use the attractive commune location at S8 express way (Warsaw–Wrocław) and near the junction of the main traffic routes A1 and A2. Northwards, there is a national road no. 48 Tomaszów Mazowiecki–Radom, also a voivodeship road no. 713 (Łódź, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Opoczno, Żarnów) passes through the commune. The commune transport system is complemented by the railway line connecting Tomaszów Mazowieski and Skarżysko Kamienna. The distance to the nearest international airport, i.e. Władysław Reymont Airport in Łódź, is ca. 60 km.


The commune develops in a sustainable way, combining the function of a good place to live, traditional agricultural history and attractive tourist and economic center.

The investors are offered appealing investment land with the area of ca. 14 ha in Łazisko, situated at S8 road, for which a local zoning plan is being developed at present. In August 2018, an access road about 1.8 km long will be put for use, connecting the said land with S8 national route via Tomaszów Mazowiecki Center interchange. What is more, the investment land will have the indispensable technical infrastructure, including sanitary sewage and water supply systems. The power distribution company ensures power of 2 MW.

In the commune, there are the largest quartz sand deposits in Poland and Europe (Biała Góra series) in Tomaszowska depression, mined by TKSM "Biała Góra", which enable operations of a well-developed ceramic and construction industry, as well as the development of related services.


The commune creates favorable conditions for new inhabitants, developing local zoning plans and also improving the quality of life of the existing inhabitants. This is why it extends technical (water supply and sewage system, lighting, roads) and the social (nursery schools, playgrounds, sports grounds) infrastructures. In individual villages, the residents pursue their sports and art-related hobbies, using the relevant facilities (village clubs, libraries, schools, sports grounds, cycling paths etc.) and leisure infrastructure (meeting points).


The commune strives to ensure comprehensive restoration of recreation and sports function of Sulejowski Reservoir (improved water quality) and the development of tourism-related services. The EU funds obtained will make it possible to develop the land at Sulejowski Reservoir between 2018–2020 by building tourist, recreation, sports, road and technical infrastructure enabling the commune to use the natural and cultural potential for the purpose of recreation and tourism.

The attractive geographic location, existing economic potential, constantly developed technical infrastructure and good conditions for tourist infrastructure provide a friendly environment for new economic investments. The commune's motto: "A COMMUNE OF MANY OPPORTUNITIES"


Commune of Tomaszów Mazowiecki 
ul. Prezydenta I. Mościckiego 4 
97–200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
phone 44 724-64-09

Head of the Commune of Tomaszów Mazowiecki phone 607-257-000

Investment offers:

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