Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

Rokiciny - herb


Area: 90,5 km2

Population: 6 073 (2016)

Rokiciny - 1

Gmina Rokiciny

The Commune of Rokiciny is an attractive place combining the rural tradition and culture with the modern times' requirements.

Rokiciny - 1
Rokiciny - 2
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Rokiciny is a friendly, open and dynamically developing agricultural commune in the Voivodeship of Łódź, at the boundary between the Poviat of Tomaszów and the eastern part of the Poviat of Łódź. It is situated conveniently in terms of transport, at the railway line between Częstochowa and Koluszki. In its center, two voivodeship roads pass, i.e. road no. 713 Łódź–Opoczno and no. 716 Piotrków Trybunalski–Koluszki.

The vicinity of the agglomeration of Łódź and industrial centers, e.g. Tomaszów Mazowiecki (24 km) and Piotrków Trybunalski (31 km) makes it also the area attractive for investors and people looking for their permanent residence. This is signified by the population growth in recent years. The Commune of Rokiciny takes the fourth place in the poviat in terms of population, reaching about 6,070 people.


The Commune of Rokiciny is one of ten rural communes in the Poviat of Tomaszów and its inhabitants are preoccupied primarily with agriculture. The commune has good quality soil (3rd class) which facilitates agricultural activities. The major directions of farming include the cultivation of grains, including triticale, potatoes and fodder plants, as well as breeding of milk cattle and swine. In the commune, there are 345 registered enterprises, with the largest ones operating in the agricultural food processing sector.


The commune is open to new investors and although it does not have its own investment land, following the inhabitants' requests it ordered the analysis of spatial development changes
to update the zoning documents. The said analysis will be grounds for amending the existing "Land Use Plan" in 2018 and creating investment land at the voivodeship road no. 713 in Łaznowska Wola. This will help to attract new entrepreneurs and create the opportunities for economic potential development in our region.

Socially-oriented policy of the commune authorities who invest in the expansion of the technical and 
social infrastructure, replacement of old water supply systems, expansion of the wastewater treatment plant, construction of pavements and lighting, as well as education creates enhanced conditions for residents and increases their quality of life. What is more, it promotes the appeal of the Commune of Rokiciny for entrepreneurs whose number keeps growing year by year.


The advantage of the Commune of Rokiciny is also picturesque landscapes and wonderful forests with their true treasure, i.e. "Łaznów" fir reserve and charming roadside shrines. All those looking for peace and quiet may spend their free time going for long walks or horseback rides in the wonderful landscape of Rokiciny. They may also follow the film director, J.J. Kolski and trace the locations where such films as "Historia kina w Popielawach", "Pogrzeb kartofla" or "Zabić bobra" were shot. The lovers of culture will find here traces of the years long gone, in the form of a historical mailcoach inn dating back to 1848, now housing the Communal Community Center, a Warsaw–Vienna railway station dating back to the second half of 19th century or a wooden Lady of the Rosary Church in Łaznów, erected between 1755–1756.

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