Comprehensive Promotion of the Economic Potential of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the Poviat of Tomaszów

Natural resources

The Poviat of Tomaszów offers rich natural resources, providing opportunities for multi-function and multi-faceted development of our region. Thanks to this potential, our region is attractive for the development of industry and tourism. This makes the Poviat of Tomaszów a good place for living.

High share of forests

The distinguishing feature of the Poviat of Tomaszów, especially when compared with the other parts of the Voivodeship of Łódź, is its very high share of forests. Forests constitute about 30% of the total poviat area. Close to 10% of the total poviat area is situated within two landscape parks, namely Sulejowski Landscape Park and Spalski Landscape Park.

High biodiversity level

The Poviat of Tomaszów offers a multitude of both plant (flora) and animal species (fauna). It features forest, field and meadow ecosystems, precious from the wildlife perspective. Here, you can find more than 130 bird species and about 60 species of migrating birds flying by or staying here for winter. The Poviat of Tomaszów is characterized by numerous wildlife reserves and Natura 2000 areas.

Abundance of water

The poviat is situated in the water catchment areas of two important rivers, i.e. the Pilica river and the Bzura river. A characteristic component of the water system is Sulejowski Reservoir, of an anthropogenic origin, used for water retention (flood-protection) and sport and recreation purposes.

Rich mineral deposits

Within the poviat boundaries, there are extremely rich rock mineral deposits (for glass manufacture, clays for ceramic building materials, molding sand, natural aggregates, road and construction aggregates). Near Biała Góra (rural Commune of Tomaszów Mazowiecki), one of the largest quartz sand deposits in Europe is mined. Sand from the Tomaszów Depression is used for manufacturing glass (e.g. flat and household glassware), in automotive industry (e.g. manufacture of brake calipers and discs) and for manufacturing ceramic tiles.

foto: Jarosław Kosmatka |

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